Partner of the Year

Open to partners from the AWS, Salesforce, Microsoft, Google Cloud Platform and NetSuite communities, this award seeks those working within tech ecosystems that have achieved truly outstanding success within the last 18 months.

Judges will be looking to those who’ve made a tangible difference to the communities they serve, whether it’s through a product or service specific to their organization, or an incredible digital transformation project, or even success in their own right as an organization.

Nominate your Partner of the Year

Nominations close October 31, 2022.


This category is open to any AWS, Salesforce, Microsoft, Google Cloud Platform or NetSuite partner. Judges will look at organizations who have had exceptional results either in an individual project, service or overall success as a business, or that have contributed to the ecosystem they work within in a way that is notable.

Nominations can be submitted as a 100+ word statement (400 words max) OR a three minute (maximum) video highlighting how the nominee has hit all or some of the elements outlined in the category criteria. Try and include as much tangible evidence as possible—please note that the video should explain why the nominee should win the award, and not exceed the length mentioned above. The video can be shot on a phone, laptop or PC camera, corporate adverts that do not address the category criteria will not be accepted.

Choosing your region

This year the Digital Revolution Awards will take place across 4 separate ceremonies – USA, UK, Germany, and the Global Virtual ceremony. When you nominate a business or individual, you can choose which region you would like to nominate them for.

By nominating a business or individual for a regional award (US, UK, or Germany), you also agree to enter the nominee for the Virtual Global Show and the in-person event in the selected region.

If you are nominating someone outside of these three regions (e.g., France, Australia, Brazil), then please select the Virtual Award Show option. Please note, that this does not affect the category you are entering. If you do not agree to this, please reach out to Josie Middleton (

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