The Digital Revolution Awards was founded in 2020 to recognize and celebrate excellence across the global cloud tech ecosystem.

2024 Award Categories

Our 2024 categories offer the chance for ambitious cloud organizations and individuals to gain recognition for their success. From celebrating the achievements of a game-changing project or innovation, to supporting tech talent through allyship or giving back to the community, our range of categories highlight excellence throughout the cloud.

Previous Awards

Tenth Revolution Group created the Digital Revolution Awards in 2020, after increased demand for cloud products and services during the pandemic finally shone a light on the tech industry. The aim has remained the same ever since: to lift the ecosystem up and celebrate all the organizations and individuals who harness cloud technology as a force for good across the world. ​

About the awards and fundraiser

Our awards don’t just celebrate the very best of cloud technology. Through our in-person events around the world, we also allow the community to come together, as well as raise funds for amazing causes that are truly making a difference.

award ceremonies

Our in-person award ceremonies and fundraisers are unforgettable events that take place around the world.

Offering a chance for cloud innovators, pioneers and glass-ceiling breakers to come together and revel in each others’ successes, as well as helping raise funds and give a little back.

Supporting the
next generation

Profits from the 2024 Digital Revolution Awards will go towards our charitable causes, St. Martin’s School and Teenage Cancer Trust. We also commit to planting a tree for every single nomination we receive through Tree-Nation.

Adopting a
greener approach

We are also adopting a greener approach to delivering the awards, from printing on recycled paper and monitoring our website’s carbon footprint to working with eco-friendly suppliers and venues that match our environmental aspirations.