How taking part in awards can boost your brand

Whether you’re a cloud professional looking to make your mark in the ecosystem or a business trying to get your name out there, taking part in industry awards is a great way to boost your brand.

Whether you’re getting involved as an independent judge, a sponsor, or simply putting yourself or your organization forward for an award, there are a vast number of benefits to be enjoyed by supporting events like the Digital Revolution Awards.

Here are just a few!

Position yourself as a leader in your field

Being a trailblazer in your industry or vertical can be a massive boost to your brand.

Peers and customers alike want to associate with those at the cutting-edge; those with the expertise, experience, and credibility to be in a position of trust within their field.

Taking part in awards showcases you and/or your organization as a thought-leader, with the knowledge and authority to recognize and celebrate excellence in your space.

"It's exciting to have your achievements or bio read by a heap of industry people. You get to be visible with them when normally, you might not have that option. You get to connect with other like-minded individuals, and you get to showcase: 'why you.'"
Wendy O'Keeffe
Executive Vice President and Managing Director, NEXTGEN Asia

Increase your visibility

Being part of an awards ceremony in any capacity will up your visibility.

“Personal branding is all about providing value and being visible,” says Ben McCarthy (AKA Salesforce Ben). “The Digital Revolution Awards are a great way to do both!”

Awards are always something to shout about, and whether you’re a judge, a sponsor, or a nominee, you can be sure that your name, face, and logo will be making the rounds throughout the whole process.

From press releases to social media engagement, awards present a whole host of opportunities to promote your involvement and get your brand seen by others in your industry, whether you end up winning or not!

“I know there can be a reluctance to enter as people are concerned about the impact of not winning or being shortlisted,” says Frank Recruitment Group President Zoë Morris, “so it’s worth me saying that as cliché as it sounds, it really is the taking part that counts.

“By even putting yourself out there and potentially being shortlisted, you’ll still benefit from the opportunity even if you don’t win. Taking part in awards and events is a great tool for helping to show people what you’re about and the quality of work you do.” 

Showcase your USP

When you enter or support an award, you get to decide what you want to be recognized for by selecting the category that aligns most closely with your branding goals.

What do you want to be known for? Where do you want to stand out? Awards allow you to be targeted in your branding by selecting the best and most relevant fit.

Demonstrate your commitment to CSR

Corporate social responsibility is an increasingly important aspect of building a brand. Customers and potential employees alike want to support businesses that they feel are doing the right thing and are committed to giving back to the world.

Supporting awards that are working to positively impact the industries or communities they operate in is a great way to show your support for good causes.

That’s why our awards work to raise funds to support St Martin’s School, so they can continue their outstanding work empowering students in Kenya to build their futures.

For instance, at the Digital Revolution Awards, we’re just as much about paving the way for the next generation of tech talent as we are about celebrating the work of today’s diverse population of cloud pioneers.

"Anything that gets your name out there and highlights your expertise and great work can only be a good thing.

"By taking part in events that publicly recognize your efforts and your performance, you won't just reach a greater pool of people who might potentially want to work with you, but it's also a great opportunity to network with others in your industry and connect with large sponsoring corporations."
Zoë Morris
President, Frank Recruitment Group

Network with others in your industry

Awards bring together a huge range of people in various positions across an industry.

From sponsors and judging panel members to other nominees and attendees, taking part in awards means you’ll be introduced to a variety of your peers, and get to connect with like-minded and similarly passionate professionals throughout the process.

To maximize the potential for brand-boosting, make sure you engage with other awards supporters and shout about your involvement by interacting with others on social media too.

“Every contribution to events such as the Digital Revolution Awards is helpful to further advance someone’s personal brand,” says Michel Mayor, EMEA SVP Salesforce Service Line Lead at Merkle, “but the key is to celebrate a community of like-minded digital professionals working towards excellence.

Earn social proof of your success

Awards help to document your achievements and earn yourself some credit in your industry.

Just like testimonials and case studies can provide social proof of your success, awards and nominations help rubber-stamp your capabilities in the eyes of customers, fellow businesses, and future hires.

“It’s all about getting recognition for all the hard work teams put into concept delivery and execution of the project,” says Rowena Case, Channel Marketing Manager at Nutanix.

“It’s always nice to get recognized for how well an organization has worked to deliver award-winning projects.”

"Such events are always helpful in building your personal brand.

"The work I've done to advance digital transformation has been recognized globally winning a myriad of awards.

"I'm currently ranked the No. 1 Marketing Thought Leader by Thinkers360, which means I rise above the competition and stand out."
Vladimer Botsvadze
Speaker, influencer, marketing thought leader

Want to be a part of the Digital Revolution Awards?

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