Meet the judges—Magdalena Czubaszek

In our Meet the judges series, we’ll be chatting to some of the cloud tech experts on our judging panel to find out more about their experience, their passion for cloud tech, and what they’re making a beeline for at the awards ceremony buffet… 

Magdalena Czubaszek is Senior Manager at Accenture.

Magdalena has over 20 years of professional experience in Consulting and IT industry. She specializes in the Digital Transformation in Marketing, Sales and Service. Her key professional focus is on CRM, marketing and sales automation projects using the Salesforce and Microsoft platforms to achieve expected business results.

In previous years, Magda was very active in supporting women’s career development as a volunteer Board Member and Mentoring Program Coordinator for PWN (Professional Woman Network).

Let’s meet Magda!

Which category are you most looking forward to judging and why?

It’s not easy to choose one category which I am looking forward to judging. I love the Digital Transformation Project of the Year award, because it shows us how we can use available cloud technology, CRM ecosystem and digital tools for customer transformation and better customer experience.

Also the Outstanding Contribution to the Salesforce Ecosystem award. Having been in the Salesforce ecosystem for over 10 years, I’m still fascinated by how Salesforce technology is developing and the potential it offers companies to increase their sales and improve cooperation with customers.

How has cloud technology made an impact on your life, or within your business?

Cloud computing is one of the essential strategies for all companies. These days, cloud technology impacts our life everywhere, in both our private and business lives. Cloud also enables organizations to scale down. It opens up a box of opportunities for both small and large companies.

Are there any events or performances from the cloud tech space that have wowed you in the past year?

Web Summit, an annual technology conference held in Lisbon, Portugal, is considered the largest tech event in the world. And secondly, DreamForce: the most significant Salesforce conference in the world.

How important are awards in promoting diversity and inclusion, especially in sectors like tech?

These awards provide an excellent opportunity, inspiration and encouragement to men and women with great vision. Recognizing these talents could produce a product that kind of defines creativity.

What makes a great nomination? ​

I aim to recognize innovative ideas, excellence, creativity and results.
Magdalena Czubaszek
Senior Manager
You're at an awards ceremony; what food are you making a beeline to the buffet table for? ​

I would expect an international buffet with traditional foods from each source to bring people from worldwide!
Magdalena Czubaszek
Senior Manager

How can taking part in events like the Digital Revolution Awards help boost your personal brand?

I believe joining an important event like the Digital Revolution Awards gives you an opportunity to weigh in on the efficiency of many other cloud products and how they can improve our day-to-day life become more functional.

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