Meet the judges— Wendy O’Keeffe

In our Meet the judges series, we’ll be chatting to some of the cloud tech experts on our judging panel to find out more about their experience, their passion for cloud tech, and what they’re making a beeline for at the awards ceremony buffet… 

Wendy O’Keeffe is a veteran of the distribution scene, having spent the last 30 years working in multiple geographies across the Asia Pacific region. 

Wendy started her career with Ingram Micro precursor Tech Pacific, before spending 15 years with Westcon Group. In 2016 she joined Tech Data (formerly Avnet), and last year Wendy joined NEXTGEN GROUP to establish the business in the Asian markets, starting with Southeast Asia. 

Wendy has deep experience in the technology sector in Asia Pacific region having spent many years operating in multiple countries and having led the establishment of new IT distribution businesses in nine countries across North and South Asia between 2011 and 2016.   

Wendy is based in Singapore with her husband Eamonn, three children, and three dogs. 

Let’s find out more about Wendy! 

"Cloud has made it possible for us to build an annuity business, which means we can be more predictable in the way we forecast our business, as well as knowing how much to invest in the future. "
Wendy O'Keeffe
Executive Vice President and Managing Director, NEXTGEN Asia

Which category are you most looking forward to judging and why?

I love the Tech For Good award. Im always passionate about how we, as a technology ecosystem, can give back to communities.

It takes grit and passion to add CSR to someone’s daily life, so I admire anyone who undertakes these types of activities. 

How important are awards in promoting diversity and inclusion, especially in sectors like tech?

It’s super important, particularly for women. In my experience, women are less likely to self-promote—generally speaking—than men for a variety of reasons. Awards, if done on a regular basisshowcases that its okay to promote yourself because others like you are doing it too. 

You're at an awards ceremony; what food are you making a beeline to the buffet table for?

"Honestly, anything savoury!"
Wendy O'Keeffe
Executive Vice President and Managing Director, NEXTGEN Asia

If you were to win an award yourself, perhaps for a secret talent, what would it most likely be?

Maybe for mentoring othersI do this regularly and enjoy helping small business leaders grow their business, or refocus on key areas to improve productivity.  

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