Meet the Winners – Gaspar Rodriguez

In our Meet the Winners series, we speak with those who picked up one of our much sought-after winners’ trophies at the 2022 Digital Revolution Awards.

Gaspar Rodriguez won the Outstanding Contribution to the Salesforce Ecosystem. An eleven-times certified Salesforce professional, he’s been a part of the ecosystem for over a decade. He co-founded RefugeeForce, a social enterprise that works to create a global movement to help newcomers launch their own careers in Salesforce.

How did you enjoy your Digital Revolution Awards experience?

Overall, the experience was excellent. I felt honored to be part of this important event alongside such talented and motivated nominees. 

Were there any other winners or nominees who really stood out to you?

Firstly, I would like to congratulate the two other nominees from my award, LDN Apprenticeships and Heather Black from Supermums, for all the excellent work they are doing. One winner that certainly stood out to me was Merkle as Diversity Employer of the Year. Where most companies just talk about diversity, Merkle is really putting their efforts and practices into becoming a more inclusive employer. 

What advice would you have for anyone hoping to be recognized in next year’s awards?

Do something that matters in tech and do it well. You will be noticed and recognized, no doubt. 

How important do you think it is that we celebrate success in the cloud? What impact does it have on the tech community?

There is so much celebration around success in the cloud but, ultimately, that definition of success is financial. The Digital Revolution Awards is all about recognizing a different and more important kind of value and measurement of success in tech. For a social enterprise like ours, it is hugely important for people to take notice of what we are working hard to achieve. 

Is there anyone you forgot to thank in your acceptance speech that you’d like to acknowledge here?

So many wonderful people, I’m sure! Time was limited and I wanted to make sure to thank my co-founders Nick and Marielle who signed up for this crazy idea, and are still on this journey with me every day. 

Finally, where will you display your trophy?

The trophy will be proudly displayed in our offices in central Amsterdam. 

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