Meet the Winners – Intelogy

In our Meet the Winners series, we’re speaking with some of those who walked away from the 2022 Digital Revolution Awards with one of our sought-after trophies.

Simon Chalfont is Technical Director at Intelogy, who won this year’s Digital Transformation Project of the Year. His team was acknowledged for the Power Platform solution they provided to London’s Air Ambulance team, an auditing tool that has given the organization the power to reduce time wasted on admin and use that time where it counts the most—dealing with patients.

How did you enjoy your Digital Revolution Awards experience?

I really didn’t know quite what to expect but I thoroughly enjoyed it. To later find out that you had pivoted so quickly to make it an in-person event was truly amazing. I thought the team did a great job putting the event on at such short notice.

Were there any other winners or nominees who really stood out to you?

We were incredibly honored to receive our award for Digital Transformation Project of the Year but hearing so many stories of other nominees and winners who have contributed to diversity and inclusion employment, as well as bringing technology skills to minority and disadvantaged groups, was truly humbling. I was particularly impressed by the story of Cognizant Assist and how they assembled a team of volunteer developers and iterated so quickly to respond to the immediate challenge that the pandemic brought. They were very worthy winners.

What advice would you give to anyone hoping to be recognized at next year’s awards?

In a word: try! When we first considered putting ourselves forward for this award, we felt a little bit unworthy, because as far as we were concerned, we’d just done our job. Helping organizations realize the full potential of their investment in Microsoft Cloud is what we do. It was only when we took a step back and appreciated how our contribution to transforming how London’s Air Ambulance ensures that they are ready to respond when called upon, that we realized that there was something worth celebrating. So, what you might think is business-as-usual can be pretty special—so don’t feel shy in coming forward and just try.

How important do you think it is that we celebrate success in the cloud? What impact does it have on the tech community?

Celebrating success in the cloud is hugely valuable. We all know how transformative the adoption of cloud technology has been in terms of helping organizations move faster and achieve more. What the Digital Revolution Awards do is shine a light on aspects that may go unnoticed at times. I’m a big believer that the cloud is a great leveler. When you think about our area of focus, Microsoft 365 and Power Platform, then to consider that this same technology stack serves the largest multinational conglomerate enterprises right through to small business and charities, you begin to realize that barriers that previously existed are long gone. What was previously the reserve of the few, is now very much in the hands of the many. Demonstrating and celebrating what can be achieved in the cloud should, I hope, inspire others to follow and go further.

Is there anyone you forgot to thank in your acceptance speech that you’d like to acknowledge here?

Our project was successful because of the amazing and talented team at Intelogy, and while it was fantastic to represent the company accepting the award, my only wish is that more of the team could have been there with me to celebrate our achievement. I was aware that some of the team were watching the live stream, and if I seemed distracted during the acceptance speech, it was only because of the number of Yammer notifications going off on my phone in my jacket pocket as word got out!

Finally, where will you display your trophy?

Like many organizations, we are re-evaluating our office space and how to provide a more collaborative and flexible workplace environment that reflects post-pandemic hybrid work. As a result, we will ensure that the award is visible to all the team to hopefully inspire even greater success.

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