Meet the Winners – Tiffany Spencer

The trophies have been given out, toasts have been made and the canapés have been eaten. After four fantastic global events recognizing the work of organizations and individuals across the cloud industry, the Digital Revolution Awards 2023 season has come to a close.

Throughout the Digital Revolution Awards 2023 events, we saw many outstanding winners take the stage, receiving a round of applause for making a positive impact on our world through cloud technology.

Now it’s time to shine a spotlight on some of those worthy victors and showcase the fantastic work that made them winners in the Digital Revolution Awards.

In this Meet the Winners blog, we’re getting to know the winner of our Outstanding Contribution to the Salesforce Community (North American and Global) award, Tiffany Spencer.

The Salesforce community is growing fast, offering exciting opportunities to people from all walks of life. Our Outstanding Contribution to the Salesforce Community award aims to highlight the work of those who are opening doors across the ecosystem.

This award recognizes the people who are driving Salesforce products forward, sharing their knowledge with others, and supporting their peers on their own career journeys. These are the people who make the Salesforce community the welcoming, rewarding, and innovative place that it is.

The winner of this year’s Outstanding Contribution to the Salesforce Community award certainly fits that bill.

Tiffany Spencer is a Salesforce professional who’s not only developed an impressive career for herself but is also dedicated to helping others access opportunities in the ecosystem. A regular speaker at events and an all-around great role model for anyone with an eye on a tech career, she’s an active and hugely impactful member of the Salesforce community.

Through her incredible work with non-profit organizations, mentoring program, and even her own conference for Salesforce professionals, Tiffany has helped countless people from marginalized communities get the chance they deserve to shine in the Salesforce ecosystem. 

A 12-year Salesforce veteran, she understands how transformative the platform can be, both for the organizations that use it and the professionals who work behind the scenes.

Throughout her career, she’s actively worked to make the community a better place for everyone, giving a voice to individuals from underrepresented backgrounds and empowering budding Salesforce experts to learn valuable skills.

Her own Salesforce journey began in 2007, when she got her first experience with the platform through a role as an Administrator. Since then, she’s leveled up her career and is now the Founder and CEO of Tech Forward Solutions.

Not content with helping others do more with Salesforce at her day job, Tiffany also dedicates her time to helping others access opportunities in the cloud space. She’s the CEO and founder of nonprofit organization Tech Forward, which connects people from marginalized communities to cloud based applications and career paths. This awareness-building and support helps professionals make themselves more marketable and equips them with the skills they need to move into higher-paying jobs and career opportunities.

Following the success of Tech Forward, Tiffany also founded Tech Forward Solutions, a Salesforce Implementation Partner that provides training, implementation and support services with a focus on boosting representation and equity in the Salesforce industry.

“Tech Forward is a nonprofit organization that works with underrepresented communities to expose them to careers in the cloud based application industries,” Tiffany explained. “Tech Forward Solutions expands on that mission, where we help individuals get hands-on experience and build up a dedicated portfolio.”

A regular on the tech event scene, Tiffany is an accomplished speaker and active knowledge-sharer. She’s even launched her own tech event for current or aspiring Black Salesforce professionals.  Dreamin’ in Color is a groundbreaking conference that, since 2019, has offered a place for professionals to network, learn, and discuss key issues like how to overcome obstacles and thrive in the Salesforce ecosystem.

She’s also using her experience to support the next generation of tech professionals, mentoring high school and college students through The Greatest Investment (TGI) Girls Empowerment Program.

Somehow, with all this incredible work on her plate, Tiffany found time to share with us how she felt about the win.

“I don’t even know if I have words to describe how I feel,” she said. “It feels great to be recognized for the work that I’m doing and for the work that I want to continue to do. To have someone say to me that I see you and I think you’re doing a great job… As a person who is not very boastful, I don’t do this for recognition, but sometimes you need to be recognized. It gives you that little bit of motivation to keep moving forward. So I’m very appreciative.

“I hope this award has a great impact on the organization. Tech Forward is not a fly-by-night organization. We have been doing and will continue to do good work that the people in this ecosystem trust. They trust the work we’re doing, and they believe in the work that we’re doing.”

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