Navigating nominations: are you eligible for free entry?

The Digital Revolution Awards are one of the most hotly-anticipated events in the cloud industry’s calendar. Now into its fourth year, our spectacular in-person awards ceremonies around the world have captured the imagination of attendees as well as helping raise funds for some amazing causes.

From St. Martin’s School in Kenya to the Teenage Cancer Trust in the UK, our not-for-profit awards are dedicated to using cloud success to help some of those most in need. That’s why we charge for some of our nominations—to make sure our awards ceremonies can help raise as much money as possible on the night to give to charity.

However, we’re also determined to ensure our awards are as inclusive as possible, in order to give everyone the same chance of success no matter their place in the ecosystem. So, there are some people and organizations (as well as individuals) eligible for free entry into the awards that you may not have known about.

Here’s our whistlestop guide to who can take part without paying for a nomination, as well as the benefits of doing so.


With a range of awards that highlight the positive impact that cloud technology is having on our planet, not-for profit organizations and charities are the first group who are eligible for free entry into the Digital Revolution Awards. Our Tech for Good category recognizes those who are using the power of cloud to make the world a better place, whereas our Outstanding Contribution to the Earth celebrates those who are helping tackle the climate emergency.

While both of these awards have been popular for organizations within the charity and non-profit sectors in previous years, entries aren’t restricted to just those. If you’ve undergone a truly outstanding digital transformation project, or have just gone beyond to be an outstanding employer to your technology teams, then we’d welcome your submission to any of our awards.

Smaller organizations

The Digital Revolution Awards isn’t about David vs Goliath—we’re an inclusive event that wants everyone to have a seat at the table. So while we welcome nominations (and have crowned winners from!) an exciting array of huge names within the cloud space, we also welcome entries from those from every corner of the industry, big and small.

If your organization employers fewer than 20 people globally, or had under £/$/€ 250,000 revenue in the last financial year (currency depends on your head office location), you’re also welcome to submit an entry without cost. So whether you’re a start-up that’s leveraging the power of cloud technology to supercharge your new business, or perhaps a small consultancy or partner at the beginning of your business journey, we’d love to hear about your successes. If you feel there’s a category that fits the journey you’ve been on in the last 12 months, get in touch!


With categories celebrating diversity allies, outstanding leaders and contributions to cloud ecosystems, it’s safe to say that we love hearing about the success stories from individuals as much as those from organizations. And to make sure we allow every voice to be heard, every individual submitting a nomination is entitled to free entry.

If you think your (or a peer’s) achievements deserve to be celebrated, why not head to our all-new Awards Hub and make sure they’re rewarded for their efforts? You can even begin your nomination now, and save your progress before finishing it ahead of our October 31 deadline. Whether you want to highlight someone that’s made an outstanding contribution to a tech ecosystem, know someone in a senior role that’s leading the way, or is simply an ally for those from underrepresented groups, you can submit an entry free of charge as well.

Entries to the Digital Revolution Awards close October 31 so you don’t have long to submit your entry. If you have any queries over whether your nomination qualifies for a free entry, why not get in touch today?

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