Five things you could do in the time it takes to write your nomination!

The deadline for nominations in the Digital Revolution Awards always results in a final rush before the deadline at midnight. You might still be wondering how on earth you’ll get a nomination written but don’t worry it’s pretty straightforward, as this blog covers!

And think about it this way—according to, the average human types at a speed of 40 words per minute. That means with the minimum length for a nomination standing at 400 words, you could have your entry sent to us in as little as 20 minutes! To put it into context, here’s some pretty remarkable feats that were achieved in the same length of time.

Run five miles

The world record for the 5k was set by the Ugandan athlete Joshua Cheptegei at a Diamond League event in Monaco in August 2020, clocking an incredible 12 minutes 35 seconds. He also holds the 10k world record, which comes in at 26 minutes 11 seconds—which may put your own lunchtime run to shame! However, with an average pace of just over four minutes per mile for his 5k time, it’s not impossible that you could knock out a five mile run in the time it takes to submit a nomination!

Drive from Los Angeles to Las Vegas

Surely the LA traffic alone makes this one impossible, right? Well, you may be correct. However, back in 1997, Royal Air Force pilot Andy Green set the current land speed record in his rocket-powered ThrustSSC vehicle—reaching a cool 763 miles per hour in the Nevada desert. He may not have got as far as the bright lights of Vegas, but that cruising speed for 20 minutes would get you all the way from the Hollywood sign right into the middle of the bright lights of the Strip.

Write the first Harry Potter book

Okay, so maybe not all of it—but Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, the first in the series, came in at 76,944 words in total. Considering it supposedly took up to six years to write, it’s safe to say your 400 words in 20 minutes isn’t far behind that pace! However, it would mean that you’d only completed 0.52% of that first novel in the series. So the choice is yours—make a start on your own way to fame, fortune and several theme parks in your honor, or a coveted Digital Revolution Awards trophy to show off to your friends and family? No contest!

Submit a video nomination

Did you know the Digital Revolution Awards also accepts video nominations? Anything from three-five minutes outlining why you or your company (or whoever else you’re nominating) deserve to win will be enough. Twenty minutes gives you enough time to write a few bullet points to keep you on the right track, record your nomination, record it again when you realize you’ve missed something important out, and still have time left to add in some special effects! (note – please don’t add any special effects into your video nomination).

Travel to space and back… twice

A flight with Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin to the Kármán Line (the 62-mile boundary above sea level that borders Earth’s atmosphere and is considered the beginning of space), with some zero gravity minutes, then parachuting back down to earth again will last around 11 minutes. So if you were quick enough (and there’s no queues at passport control) then you’d nearly have time to repeat the journey in the time it took to write a Digital Revolution Award entry! However, prices also begin at around $50m per flight, with some entries to the Digital Revolution Awards exempt from an entry fee—so it’s a bit of a no brainer which offers the better value for money (plus, our awards ceremonies are said to be out of this world!).

Nominations for the Digital Revolution Awards close midnight, November 30—visit our Awards Hub to enter your nomination now.

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