Getting your AI work recognized

It’s safe to say that 2023 has felt like the year that Artificial Intelligence (AI) launched itself into the mainstream consciousness with an array of incredible tools offering genuinely transformative potential, and while it may not be a breakthrough idea to those of us in the tech industry, it certainly feels like the right time to acknowledge the impact of AI with awards dedicated to it.

New for the 2024 edition of the Digital Revolution Awards is our Excellence in AI category which does just that. Aimed at celebrating groundbreaking projects and innovation within Artificial Intelligence, the award is an exciting opportunity to showcase the impact the technology is having around the world. From projects that deliver world-leading products or services, to the organizations at the forefront of its revolution, our awards celebrate those making a difference.

Making your nomination stand out

Taking part in the Digital Revolution Awards is simple, but you’ll want to ensure your nomination stands out in order to attract the attention of our judges. Your submission can either be a 400-850 word statement, or a 3-5 minute video, and if you’re worried about writing a nomination from scratch then our easy to follow guide will help you.

The category was created to showcase exceptional uses of the technology in cloud technology, so our panel of independent judges will be looking for a team that has delivered an exceptional AI project or gone above and beyond to invest in or deliver solutions for their clients. In particular, they’ll be looking at areas such as innovation, scalability, real-world impact, technical excellence, user experience and ethical consideration, so make sure you mention as many of the ways you’ve addressed these in your nomination.

Numbers also stand out, so any metrics also go a long way—hours or money saved are great starting points, but they aren’t essential so don’t worry if you’re still early on in your AI journey.

Who can enter

Perhaps you’re a partner or consultancy that has implemented AI projects for clients and can display a passion for the technology, innovation or expertise that puts you at the forefront of this exciting new revolution. Or maybe your team has created a breakthrough solution that could change the way people see AI, the way businesses use it, or has the potential to have a truly outstanding impact on your own organization or the wider world? As the first year of this award approaches, the possibilities for an entry that captures our judges’ attention are truly endless.

There’s no escaping the headlines that AI generates around ethics, so if your project can display evidence of the considerations you’ve made around this then your nomination is likely to stand out. That could be through prioritizing fairness, transparency, privacy, and security or ensuring that potential biases or risks are addressed appropriately.

And with end user buy-in of utmost importance, if you can display the way you have prioritized user experience, provided a seamless and intuitive interface for users to interact with the AI-powered functionalities, or have simply put usability, accessibility, and user satisfaction at the heart of everything you’ve done—then our judges want to know about it.

The possibilities for this award are endless right now—but time is not. Nominations closed at midnight, November 30, but there’s still time to join us as a sponsor!

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