How to win awards for AWS excellence

Whether you’re an AWS partner or a professional working within the community, there haven’t been many awards in the past dedicated to those solely within the AWS ecosystem. For individuals, the Heroes program certainly rewards those going above and beyond to those evangelists making the cloud a better place, while the AWS Partner Awards also honor those achieving outstanding results or demonstrating excellence in innovation.

But with AWS themselves estimating their Partner network to be made up of over 100,000 practices around the world, and 650,000 individuals holding an AWS certification (meaning the true number of AWS specialists is likely to be much, much higher), does that offer enough opportunity for those within the community to win AWS awards?

The Digital Revolution Awards was founded in 2020, offering a range of cloud-specific award categories, including for AWS. The Outstanding Contribution to the AWS Community honors those going the extra mile to educate their peers, whilst the Best AWS Partner to Work For award celebrates employers of excellence around the world.

How can AWS Partners win an award?

Partners around the world are eligible to take part in our awards, with those from North America, the UK and DACH regions having their own in-person award ceremonies that allow the community to come together and celebrate. For everyone else, our global awards provide an opportunity to go up against the rest of the world, as well as our regional winners, where your efforts will be highlighted in our virtual ceremony. Don’t worry though—your trophy will still be sent to you so it can take pride of place in your workplace!

Our panel of independent judges are looking for organizations that can demonstrate excellence in at least two of the following areas: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI), CSR, sustainability, and employee health and wellbeing.

You can submit either a 3-5 minute video or a 400-850 word nomination that describes how your organization has excelled in the criteria you wish to highlight, and demonstrates how those efforts have led to increased talent attraction, retention, and/or employee happiness. Referencing key metrics and performance outcomes has always been a way to grab the attention of our judging panel in the past—and we don’t anticipate that changing any time soon, so make sure to include any statistics that back your arguments up!

If your time is limited you can even follow this simple guide that will walk you through the nomination process. In 2023, our UK winner was Credera. Their focus on professional development and supporting employees to earn over 250 AWS certifications and furthering their career journeys meant that Credera weren’t just adding skills to the ecosystem, but also creating contented, high-achieving professionals who will do great work for AWS users for years to come. As a result, they’d grown by 80% in the 18 months leading up to the awards and earned a retention rate of 82%. As well as investing in their employees’ future, they are also putting the work in to make sure that AWS professionals from all backgrounds can thrive within their organization and in the industry at large.  

And it was Onepoint who walked away with the award in our Global category. They have spent a decade building an innovative culture of corporate social responsibility that nurtures both people and planet. Through its internal work, they have created a truly equitable working environment that respects all its employees.  Externally, their work on sustainability has put it head and shoulders above others in the industry, achieving goals and earning recognition that make its employees proud to work there.

Gaining recognition for your contribution as an individual

There are a number of awards for individuals who’ve made an impact within the AWS community, including Rising Star of the Year and Outstanding Leader of the Year. However, Outstanding Contribution to the AWS Community is dedicated to those who are making waves with a significant contribution that benefits those right across the stack.

The award is given to an individual whose achievements enable, inspire and empower users and/or businesses to accomplish more with AWS, regardless of their role or experience within the ecosystem. If you can outline your (or the person you’re nominating) contribution either through publications you’ve featured in, educational initiatives you’ve created or took part in, innovation you’ve helped drive, or your active involvement within the community, our judges would love to hear from you.

Perhaps you’ve created your own blog that offers a rich resource to your fellow professionals, or have created a User Group that adds value to tech professionals in your community. If you can define the impact they’ve had, from offering learning to fostering a sense of community, then make sure you submit your nomination today. Anything that showcases your thought leadership goals in action or sets you (or your nominee) apart from other AWS professionals will help grab our judges’ attention.

In the DACH region, our 2023 winner was Nana Janashia, whose exhaustive efforts to make a career in cloud accessible to all continues to motivate and inspire a host of budding developers to embark on an exciting career in AWS. Nana’s writing, video content, and invaluable educational programs, have helped pave the way for new talent to enter the AWS space, bridging the skills gap and making our industry a more vibrant and inclusive place.  

If you’d like to be in with a chance of winning an award for your own contribution to the AWS community, you can submit your own entry as either a 3-5 minute video, or a 400-850 word statement. And, if you’re unsure how to put together a written nomination, this handy cheat sheet will guide you through, step-by-step.

Nominations for the 2024 Digital Revolution Awards must close November 30, so register on our Awards Hub now to get started.

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