The awards celebrating tech and the fight against the climate emergency

While there have been negative stories predicting technology’s negative impact on the world for years, there’s little doubt it also has the potential for genuine good. For example, for every news item forecasting AI’s capability to take our jobs, there’s also the opportunity for it to spot diseases earlier than humans would and benefit humanity more widely. Arguably most important of all is its capacity to help tackle the climate emergency.

To align with our own sustainability goals, since its inception, the Digital Revolution Awards has looked to celebrate those who are powering projects that tackle the climate emergency. Our Outstanding Contribution to the Earth category highlights the individuals and organizations who are disrupting the status quo and utilizing cloud technology to help save our planet.

How can my tech eco project get noticed?

Ensuring your nomination stands out will put you in the best possible position not just of being shortlisted, but leaving the Digital Revolution Awards ceremonies with one of our much sought-after trophies.

To do this, you’ll need to put together either a 3-5 minute video or a 400-850 word statement that outlines the steps you took to use tech to provide a groundbreaking product or service that is focused on the fight against global heating. This could be an application you have built, a product or a service, or perhaps leading an initiative that has enabled cloud professionals to help solve this crisis.

If you can explain the anticipated outcome and its potential to be scaled in future, as well as anything else that supports the nominee in question as a pioneer in striving for sustainable, authentic change, then be sure to include it. And if the thought of a written statement is intimidating, don’t worry. Our simple nomination guide will walk you through the process of writing a great entry, step by step.

Winning a tech award for climate products or services

Previous winners have produced a range of solutions that will benefit the planet moving forwards. In our 2023 DACH show, Climeworks walked away with the award for their innovation in developing new ways of removing carbon from the atmosphere, as well as helping make that technology more efficient and affordable, offering massive potential to benefit our planet in the long-term.

Our UK show enjoyed joint winners with our judges struggling to choose between two incredible organizations. The first winner was Carbon Clean, who are dedicated to using cloud technology to address climate change by creating more sustainable business practices. Since 2009, the company has been helping enterprises reduce solvent emissions, foaming, and waste while also cutting operational costs. So far, it has removed 1.7 million metric tonnes of carbon from facilities across the world, and is on track to remove a lot more through its flagship technology that enables refineries to lower the cost of carbon capture by up to 50%.

The second winner was Circulor, whose work has been focused on reducing the impact of industrial supply chains on our planet by using the power of blockchain. By helping organizations gain better visibility of their supply chains, they are facilitating more responsible sourcing, reduced emissions, and a journey to net zero. 

As technology continues to evolve at pace to help tackle the problems ahead of us, the range of solutions focused on the climate emergency also increases. If you think your product, service, or initiative is helping to tackle this, why not visit our Awards Hub today and submit your entry? Hurry though, as nominations must close on November 30.

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