How to win awards for your Salesforce brilliance

Nominations for the 2024 Salesforce MVP program may have closed on November 12, but it’s not the last chance that Salesforce professionals have to be recognized for their contribution to the community. In fact, the window for the Digital Revolution Awards remains open for individuals and organizations until November 30, 2023.

So, whether you’re a Salesforce partner or an individual working within the wider Salesforce community, the opportunity is there to be celebrated and gain the recognition you deserve. The Outstanding Contribution to the Salesforce Community award honors those going the extra mile to educate their peers, while the Best Salesforce Partner to Work For award celebrates employers of excellence around the world.

Let’s be honest—how many opportunities are there on the calendar for Salesforce professionals to get together and celebrate each other’s achievements in person? Let alone walk away with a sleek trophy to display at your place of work!

How can Salesforce Partners win an award?

Founded in early 2020, the Digital Revolution Awards are dedicated to celebrating those excelling within cloud technology. With a range of categories that Salesforce Partners can contribute to, our Best Salesforce Partner to Work For is certainly the headline category for those within the partner space.

With individual ceremonies for those in North America, UK, and DACH, we’ll also be holding our Global edition, an online show that’s broadcast live and pits regional winners up against entrants from the rest of the world, allowing any of Salesforce’s 11,000 partners around the world to take part. So, no matter where you are, you’ve a chance of winning and having one of our Digital Revolution Awards trophies on display in your office!

Your entry will be judged by our independent panel, made up of experts within the cloud industry. They’ll be looking for partners who can demonstrate excellence in at least two of the following areas: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI), CSR, sustainability, and employee health and wellbeing.

Submissions can consist of either a 3-5 minute video or 400-850 word nomination that describes how your organization has excelled in the criteria you wish to highlight. You’ll need to demonstrate how those efforts have led to increased talent attraction, retention, and/or employee happiness within your organization. To stand the best chance of grabbing our judges’ attention, we’ve found that referencing key metrics and performance outcomes tend to stand out best. So, make sure to include any figures that back your statement up!

If time is an issue or you’re simply unsure how to start writing your submission, this simple guide will help you structure your entry and save you time. As for the types of entry that has enjoyed success in the past, our 2023 UK show saw joint winners as Capgemini and Hyphen8 shared the glory.

Capgemini impressed our judges with an entry that highlighted the way it has fostered inclusivity by creating spaces for employees of all backgrounds to get support, through its extensive group of communities and networks. It has also dedicated itself to helping displaced people access life-changing opportunities in the Salesforce ecosystem through its work with Blue Road Academy; growing the Salesforce talent pool and transforming lives at the same time.  

Hyphen8’s entry detailed the way that they live Salesforce values by putting philanthropy at the center of everything it does, donating at least 8% of its time and profits to charitable causes. Its focus on the wellbeing of its employees was another factor that made it a great place to work in the eyes of our judges. They were also impressed by Hyphen8’s industry-leading staff retention rate of 96%.

Gaining recognition for your contribution as an individual

The Digital Revolution Awards offer a number of ways to celebrate those from the Salesforce community who’ve really made an impact, such as the Rising Star of the Year and Outstanding Leader of the Year categories. While they see entrants from a range of different stacks go up against each other, the Outstanding Contribution to the Salesforce Community award is the one dedicated to those just within the Ohana. It celebrates individuals who are making a difference and lifting up those from within the community.

If you feel that you’ve helped to inspire and empower users and/or businesses to accomplish more with Salesforce, no matter your role or experience within the ecosystem we want to hear from you. If you can outline your (or the person you’re nominating) contribution either through publications you’ve featured in, educational initiatives you’ve created or been involved in, an innovation that you’ve helped lead the way with, or your active involvement within the community, then get in touch.

It could be through your own blog, podcast or YouTube channel that offers a rich resource to your fellow professionals, or maybe you’ve created a user group or event that adds value to those in the Salesforce community either globally or in your area. If you can outline the impact you’ve had, from offering learning to fostering a sense of togetherness, then you’re in with a chance of impressing our independent judging panel.

Kier Bowden was the 2023 winner of the award in our UK show, for his dedication to sharing his deep technical knowledge and passion for Salesforce on a consistent, unmatched basis. The time and effort invested into reaching people both inside and outside of the Salesforce ecosystem through his organization of user groups and community events, speaking engagements, and writing is monumental. And as a result, his immeasurable contribution to the community through the sheer number of people he has informed, supported, and inspired to build a career in Salesforce over the past decade, was what really stood out to our judges.

In the US, Tiffany Spencer collected the top spot. She stood out to our judging panel not just as someone who has developed an impressive career for themselves, but is also dedicated to helping others access opportunities in the ecosystem. A regular speaker at events and an all-around great role model for anyone with an eye on a tech career, she’s an active and hugely impactful member of the Salesforce community. Through her work with non-profit organizations, mentoring schemes, and even her own conference for Salesforce professionals (Dreamin’ in Color), she has also helped countless people from marginalized communities get the chances they deserve to shine in the Salesforce ecosystem.   

If you’d like to be in with a chance of winning an award for your own contribution to the Salesforce community, you can submit your own entry as either a 3-5 minute video, or a 400-850 word statement. Not sure how to go about writing a nomination? Then this handy cheat sheet will guide you through, step-by-step. But be warned—nominations for the 2024 Digital Revolution Awards must close November 30, so register on our Awards Hub now to get started.

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