Meet the Winners – Rob Koch

Rob Koch walked away with the Outstanding Contribution to the AWS Ecosystem award. As founder of Deaf in the Cloud, Rob created a group that offers support and networking for deaf and signers that work in tech, as well as a way to share best practice. As an AWS Hero, he’s also a regular blogger and speaker at events.

Meet the Winners – Gaspar Rodriguez

Gaspar Rodriguez won the Outstanding Contribution to the Salesforce Ecosystem. An eleven-times certified Salesforce professional, he’s been a part of the ecosystem for over a decade. He co-founded RefugeeForce, a social enterprise that works to create a global movement to help newcomers launch their own careers in Salesforce.

Meet the Winners – Anurag Kale

Anurag Kale has been a passionate cloud advocate from the moment his career brought him into the AWS ecosystem. He regularly speaks at community events and meetups around the world, and continues to be a cloud evangelist through initiatives such as The Apprentice Project. We caught up with him to congratulate him on winning Tech Star of the Year.

Meet the Winners – Intelogy

Simon Chalfront is Technical Director at Intelogy, who won this year’s Digital Transformation Project of the Year. His team was acknowledged for the Power Platform solution they provided to London’s Air Ambulance team, an auditing tool that has given the organization the power to reduce time wasted on admin and use that time where it counts the most—dealing with patients.

Meet the Winners – Cognizant

Sathishkumar Manickam is the captain of Cognizant UK’s football team as well as their Chief Architect. Cognizant were joint winners in our Tech for Good category, with a self-organized task force of more than 400 volunteers in Nairn, Scotland, that found a way to mobilize volunteer support and relief during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Learn more about St Martin’s

We spoke to Alfred Aswan, Program Liaison at St Martin’s School in Kenya, to find out what difference your donations are making to the children and staff involved with the organization.

Meet the judges—Tara Ridley

In this edition of our Meet the Judges series, we chat with Tara Ridley, VP Alliances & Channels at Salesforce Australia & New Zealand.