Meet the Winners – VRAI Simulation

Read our chat with Pat O’Connor, Managing Director at innovative VR training company and joint winners of our Tech for Good award, VRAI Simulation.

Meet the Winners – Rackspace

We recently caught up with Katerina Frolich, VP, International HR at Rackspace to talk about their Cloud Technology Employer of the Year award win.

Meet the Winners – Victoria Critchley

Victoria is CEO at Bam Boom Cloud, and supported a relatively young workforce across two continents in the process of buying out the company. She’s an advocate of people being their authentic selves at work, placing an emphasis on a culture that values empathy, trust, clarity and kindness.

Meet the Winners – Rob Koch

Rob Koch walked away with the Outstanding Contribution to the AWS Ecosystem award. As founder of Deaf in the Cloud, Rob created a group that offers support and networking for deaf and signers that work in tech, as well as a way to share best practice. As an AWS Hero, he’s also a regular blogger and speaker at events.

Meet the Winners – Gaspar Rodriguez

Gaspar Rodriguez won the Outstanding Contribution to the Salesforce Ecosystem. An eleven-times certified Salesforce professional, he’s been a part of the ecosystem for over a decade. He co-founded RefugeeForce, a social enterprise that works to create a global movement to help newcomers launch their own careers in Salesforce.

Meet the Winners – Andrew Horton – Didasko

Andrew Horton is the Founder and Group Managing Director of Didasko, an Australian Education Technology Group, and winner of this year’s Excellence in Learning and Development award. Andrew and the Didasko team were recognized for their Online Program Management (OPM) and digital content, supporting the learning of more than 15,000 students each day.

Meet the Winners – Shelby Sanderford

Shelby Sanderford is the founder of DOCPACE, who won this year’s Rapid Business Innovation Champion. Shelby Sanderford and her team were acknowledged for the artificial intelligence revolutionizing appointment cycle management system, aimed to tackle some of the healthcare industry’s biggest pain points.

Meet the Winners – Anurag Kale

Anurag Kale has been a passionate cloud advocate from the moment his career brought him into the AWS ecosystem. He regularly speaks at community events and meetups around the world, and continues to be a cloud evangelist through initiatives such as The Apprentice Project. We caught up with him to congratulate him on winning Tech Star of the Year.

Meet the Winners – Intelogy

Simon Chalfront is Technical Director at Intelogy, who won this year’s Digital Transformation Project of the Year. His team was acknowledged for the Power Platform solution they provided to London’s Air Ambulance team, an auditing tool that has given the organization the power to reduce time wasted on admin and use that time where it counts the most—dealing with patients.